Itumbaha Free Clinic

The Itum Bahal Free Clinic was established on January 7, 2006 (Poush 23, 2062 BS) by the Keshchandra Mahavihar Restoration Committee. Itum Bahal is situated in the heart of the Kathmandu Metropolitan, Ward 26.

The second anniversary of the clinic was recognized amidst various programs including blood donation, release of the video, free ENT service (Ear, Nose and Throat). A fund raising show was also conducted with the movie ‘Gurumappa’, a movie based on prehistoric Newa tales.

The volunteers of the clinic were also recognized.

The volunteers and doctors are the members of the Itum Bahal Guthi and from other Guthis.

When health insurances are not heard of in city, people cannot afford to go for medical checkups. Free clinics like the Itum Bahal Free Clinic are to be encouraged in the city so that people know if they have any health issues. This also helps disease control groups monitor the health status of the general population.

Itum Bahal is one of the oldest and biggest Bahals in the city of Kathmandu. The Guthi or the committee runs the normal duties of the Bahal, from Bartabanda to cremation. The tradition has been preserved for centuries by the young and the old. The Gunla Festival during the month of Gunla (August) is participated by all with enthusiasm. Female and young drummers also participate, rain or shine.

Non-profit establishment for the benefit of the society needs funding and donations from people in order to sustain itself. So far, there has been very generous donors amongst the brothers and sisters of the Itum Bahal and others outside the bahal as well. The doctors have generously given up their precious pay hours for the benefit of the society. The patients who have been very thankful for the clinic has volunteered some hours themselves or shown immense support.

The video of the activities can be made available in the United States by contacting Suva Shakya at [email protected]. If you would like to donate to the free clinic, you can send money directly to the Coordinator of the Free Clinic, Mr. Uttam Shakya in Kathmandu. There are several online money transfers available, like and In the future, a website will be made available to donate directly using your credit card.

Visiting Hours

The free clinic is located inside the main courtyard inside Itum Bahal. The clinic opens on Saturdays from 9 am. Please take advantage of this opportunity if you have health problems.

The doctors on duty are as follows:
Dr. Yogendra Man Shakya MBBS MD, General and Emergency service, available on the first Saturday of the month.

Dr. Dhandurani Shakya MD DA, General Physician and Anesthesiologist, available on the second Saturday of the month.

Dr. Tara Maiya Shakya MD, General Physicain, available on the third Saturday of the month.

Dr. Urmila Shakya MBBS MD, Clild Diseases and Child Heart Specialist, fourth Saturday of the month.

Assistint Physican Anand Kaji Shakya, Emergency Care and Dressing Management, fifth Saturday of the month.

Blood Sugar test is also avaiable.

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