De-Puja Agam Ghar

The De-paju Agam Ghar is located at the southern half (Baha ko) of the Itumbahal courtyard. It is the Agam Ghar of the deity of lineage, which opens for a month during month of Baisakh. The secret deity of lineage is believed to be brought from the gum-vihar at sankhu, by Keshchandra.

The old looking shrine has been robbed by thieves several times. Many sacred deities have been stolen. A pair of stone lion is guarding the shrine. The beautifully carved windows and wooden tympanum grace the entrance of Agam Ghar. The old looking structure of two storeys is facing north. A beautifully carved Tympanum can be seen just above the entrance. A couple of blind window is located at both side of entrance.

The 2nd floor is almost ruined structure with sloping roof, and a short varandha, without pinnacles. The old people in Itumbahal used to say that earlier there was a sloping lattice window, supporting the sloping tiled roof of 2nd floor, and from this lattice window an oil lamp (Dalucha) is hanged upto the entrance of Agam Ghar, at ground floor. The three gold polished pinnacle grace top of the sloping roof, but, its empty now.

Looking back at the history of this structure; it was widely repaired around 1985 B.S. by Chakreswar Hiranya Vajra Bajracharya by raising funds and donations among sangha members. However, during the 1990 earthquake the entire top floor collapsed, the rain water trickled inside the Agam Ghar. Once again, the fund raised among sangha members for reparing, roof top, and save the Agam from destruction, still today it remained as partially repaired. The overall charge of De-Puja Agam ghar is given to Chakreswar of Itumbahal. The term expires as soon as he dies and charge is given to next Chakreswar, appointed by Itumbahal Sangha.

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