Gunla Festival Activities in Itumbahal. NS  1137.

Gunla is the sacred month according to Newari calendar, usually falls during July /August. It is a monsoon season in south Asian countries. Heavy rain, land slide, flooding, road blocks, water born disease outbreak are the major natural disasters happened during monsoon season. People can do nothing except pray to Almighty (Buddha ), to minimize natural disaster and sufferings to people. during this month. Newar Buddhist community gets together at Buddhist holy shrine, monasteries, stupas, temples, and pray for well being of those suffering people and avoid further Natural disaster. For thousand s of years Newar community of Katmandu valley is  doing like this for the sake of better humanity even in town of Patan, Buddhist community get together at Bahas and bahis, and chant Namsangiti sutras and dasabalas. In Bhaktapur too Buddhist community  get together at  bahas / bahis, near stupas and make prayers.

The community members (Sangha),of Itumbahal a famous Buddhist monastery,  downtown Katmandu, hikes every day early in the morning to Swayambu hill stupa, chants some holy prayers (sutras) like “dasabala suprabhatam”, ( follow ten commandments of Buddha,  for better today and wish for good days ahead.) with that the sangha members return back to Itumbaha,followed by the band of traditional music performer  from the community at Itumbahal again they  chant Hymen and prayers in front of kwapa dyo (sanctum sanatorium) for better days ahead. The process goes on for whole month within sacred month of Gunla include major festival days such as nagpanchami   gum punhi  (Full moon day ) sa – Paru ,Bahi dyo swo wanegu,, pancha  dan etc..all those festivals are celebrated with up most enthusiasm by Newar Buddhist community.

Click Here are some of pictures of activities of celebration of Gunla festival at Itumbahal.

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