10th Anniversary of Itumbaha Free Clinic

शनिबार, पुस १९, २०७१


10th Anniversary of Itumbaha Free Clinic organized on Saturday, 19th Poush 2071 (3rd January, 2015) in Itumbaha premises honoring Senior citizens of Itumbaha Sangha crossing 80 years of age. The anniversary function started with Buddha puja.

The names of honored Senior citizens of Itumbahaare as:
1. Cakreswori Mr. HempurnanandaBajracharya, Male, 85, DalluAwas
2. Sthavir Mr. MimlalBajracharya, Male, 83, Dambochuka
3. Sthavir Mr. SurendraShakya, Male, 82, Bhuikhel
4. Sthavir Mr. SanumanShakya, Male, Ga: Jyasa:
5. Ms. Chinikumari Shakya, Female, 96, Bahacho
6. Ms. Shantamaya Shakya, Female, 80, Tamuga:
7. Mr. Sanuman Shakya, Male, 85, Tamuga:
8. Ms. Gunas Hera Shakya, Female, 80, Tamuga:
9. Mr. Sanuman Shakya, Male, 83, Pakanajol
10. Ms. Mithai Devi Shakya, Female, 83, Chaga:
11. Mr. Sanu Shakya, Male, Bahako
12. Ms. Purna Maya Bajracharya, Female, 82, Kilagal
13. Mr. Buddhi Man Shakya, Male, 84, Chabahil
14. Mr. Dhana kaji Shakya, Male, 80, Nyatapacho
15. Mr. Mr. Prithvi Man Shakya, Male. 80, Pakanajol
16. Ms. Kanchhi Shakya, Female, 83, Itumbaha
17. Mr. Man Bahadur Shakya, Male, 80, Tamuga
18. Ms. Ratna Devi Shakya, Female, 86, Lakanani
19. Ms. Laxmi Nani Shakya, Female, 82, Itumbaha
20. Ms. Ratna Kumari Shakya, Female, 85, Kupondole
21. Mr. Dharmabir Shakya, Male, 84, Jamal

On that occasion. Mr. Pragyna Ratna Shakya, Secretary of Itumbaha Preservation Society appreciated the role of Doctors, Assistants, volunteers and the members of the Itumbaha Free Clinic for a decade of their dedicated service. The doctors serving from the date of establishment of Free Clinic till date are as under:
a) Dr. Yogendra Man Shakya
b) Dr. Tara Maiya Shakya
c) Dr. Urmila Shakya
d) Dr. Ananda Kaji Shakya
e) Staff Nurse Ms. UttaraShakya
f) Staff Nurse Ms. LaxmiShakya

Dr. Pranav Karmacharya, Physiotherapist is also serving the Free Clinic at present.

Mr. Uttam Shakya, Co-ordinator of the Free Clinic Management highlighted the activities of the free clinic. Mr. Suresh Shakya, Treasure of the Free Clinic presented the financial report before the anniversary gathering. Mr. C. B. Shakya, Chairman of Itumbaha Preservation Society and Head Sthavir Mr. Triratna Shakya jointly honored the Sr. citizens of Itumbaha offering themsaguns, holy clothing (khada), certificates and Buddha images.
Mr. Rup Kumar Shakya, member of Itumbaha Preservation Society and Itumbaha Free Clinic, delivered welcome speech in the program.
The program was followed by the KhirBhojan (lunch with Rice pudding).

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