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The museum was inaugurated on July 29, 2023 and is operating regularly. In order to establish this museum, Rubin Museum of Arts in New York provided the financial support of twenty thousand US dollars as the seed money for the operation. In addition, Kesh Chandra Mahavihar Conservation Society (KMCS) has prepared and operational policy under the investment and management. The idea of creating this museum was conceived 15 years ago when the heritage materials were being left unused during the preservation and reconstruction process. The practice of displaying heritage materials in Maha Vihar for two weeks annually in month of Goonlaa and showing for common people has been common practice in Mahavihar since ancient times and the tradition of showing them to people who want to see Darshan from Goonla thwa Saptami to Gulaga Saptami is still in place. A total of 125 heritage items that are displayed during the festival that were identified in the Mahabihar restoration program.

After the establishment of the museum, about 3500 people from ministers to historians, cultural studies, etc. have visited. Among the Ministers who observed, Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Virajbhakta Shrestha, Minister of Education Mr. Sumana Shrestha, Minister of Culture Tourism and Cooperatives Bagmati Province Mr. Shailendraman Vajracharya Former Minister Mr. Prakasman Singh, Former Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Vidhya Sundar Shakya, Deputy Mayor Mr. Sunita Dangol, Honorable Ambassador of Bhutan, high- ranking official of the French Embassy, historian Dr. Shyamsundar Rajvanshi, Historian Nutan Sharma, Linguist

Mr. Kashinath Tamot, Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Bhasha Academica Mr. Malla K. Sundar, Respected Vidyadhar Mahayogi Guru Sridhar Rana Rimpoche, President of Neva: Dey Dabu Mr. Pavitra Vajracharya, All Officials of Handicraft Federation, All Officials of Rotary Club Thamel, President of Traditional Buddhist Association Shri Nareshman Vajracharya etc. observed.

After the establishment, the dignity of Bhashkardev Sanskarit Keshchandra Krit Paravat Mahabihar Itumbahal is known in Nepal and the international circle. All the entities under associations linked with Mahavihar have been satisfied and proud. Cultural, historical researchers as well as heritage cultural lovers are so happy with this project.

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